Squirrel Removal

If you hear scratching noises you may have a squirrel. Call us to get rid of unwanted squirrels. They are a common nuisance pest throughout Westchester County. Once they get into your home they become much more than a nuisance. Make no mistake, they will cause destruction to your property.

Call us for an inspection and we can show you any entry and exit points. We will let you know where they are getting into your home and give you a plan to safely remove them. We will also find any areas that need to be sealed. We want them excluded so they are not able to get back in.

Squirrels in Attic

It is common to find squirrels in the attic in Westchester. They love to make your home, their home. They will do most anything to get into your attic. This includes tearing up the roof, siding, vents in search of a dry location; especially during the breeding season.

Once in they begin to destroy insulation and drywall to build a nest for their young. Because this area is usually quiet place, they are free to raise their family undisturbed. If you see squirrels on your roof, they may be using your attic as their home. Call us to exclude them from your attic.

If you hear noises in your walls, you may have rodents in your home. Once we do a complete inspection of the entire area, we will place traps in the best possible location to catch them. When we remove all squirrels from your attic we will seal up any holes or gaps.

Fix Squirrel Damage

Squirrel Damage Repair

After the squirrels have been removed you may be left with damage to your Westchester home. These critters will tear up the insulation as they look to build nests for their young. They will chew through electrical wires which has the potential for greater damage to your home. This can lead to a fire hazard.

Often we will find dead squirrels in the attic. This can lead to insects and other animals in your home. These are animals that carry diseases; so let us make sure that your attic is clean and safe. Our professionals understand the habits of these creatures. We will trap and remove them from your home. Our team is also trained to fix any damage that they have caused.

General Squirrel Removal FAQs

I think I may need squirrel trapping?

The first step is to get the squirrels out, fast. These critters can cause a lot of damage quickly. If you see damage to your home, droppings or notice them on your roof, call a professional asap.

Do I really need damage repair and clean up?

Once all the squirrels have been trapped and removed you usually need damage repaired and clean up. The goal is to prevent any more squirrels from getting back inside. You also want to make sure there are no health risks from droppings.

How do I get rid of squirrels in my Attic?

First determine how they are getting in. Nest, can close off all entry points except one. Use this last hole to trap and remove any squirrels because you do not want to seal IN any of them. Finally, seal-up every gap, crack, or hole.